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6 Apr

Innovative Team Building Inspires students from Glenview 9 Primary School

Leadership is about teamwork. Forty pupils from Glenview 9 Primary were given an opportunity to enhance their leadership skills by attending a day filled with both mentally and physically challenging activities at Stephen Margolis Resort.

The participants were split into four groups who battled it out in various activities which were aimed at promoting teamwork. Interaction with the members of the school`s staff encouraged the pupils. All participants expressed their gratitude to the Stephen Margolis Resort team building instructors for a day well spent.

They enjoyed the refreshment breaks which included breakfast and lunch. At the end of the day`s activities, all participants acknowledged that the activities they took part in helped them to develop better communication skills which in turn enabled them to collaborate more effectively..

The Deputy Head of Glenview 9 Primary said she would not hesitate to recommend Stephen Margolis Resort to other School heads who may require Team Building activities.

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