Functions & Expos

The Resort has a large garden which can be used for live shows and expositions. We cater for a variety of functions for all including corporates, churches, families, individuals and more at selected locations which include our thatched gazebos, conference centre, restaurant, waterfront or under trees.

The unique position of our 2 dams in the centre of the Resort provides unlimited options within a large area of garden on both sides of the dam with two walk and drive bridges at each side of the dam for easy access when setting up and running your functions.

Make the Stephen Margolis Resort your venue of choice for your functions and Expos!



Address: 625 Stephen Margolis Road Derbyshire, Waterfalls. Harare, Zimbabwe

Phone: +263 (242) 774436/8

+263 779 897 192

+263 719 080 906

+263 779 080 906


GPS Coordinates: –17.9598745, 31.0299561

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